Exterior Lighting

Cornwall Concrete Products supplies innovative euro-design exterior lighting systems from In-Lite®.

One of the most dramatic elements to add “wow-factor” to your landscape is with exterior lighting.

Integrated Ground Lights

The ground lights or deck lights from the Integrated range are perfect for accentuating a deck, path, step or pond edge. They can be integrated into, for example, paving, wood or gravel. Most of the integrated LED outdoor lights can be driven over, making them suitable for use in driveways. In-Lite also has directional ground spots that can be used to illuminate, for example, an outer wall or fence.

Solitary Bollard Lighting

The bollards in In-Lite’s Solitary range can be used to create ambiance on a deck, along a path or in a border. Pathway lights can be easily inserted into the soil or mounted onto a hard surface for a wide range of applications.

Wall Lights

Wall lights for outdoor use can be installed, for example, next to French doors or in a series along a fence. A number of the wall lamps can also be connected* to the power network (100-240V) for use next to, for example, the front door.

Outdoor Spot Lights

The LED outdoor spots in the spot range are perfect for illuminating unique elements in the garden, such as statues, trees or bushes. You can easily insert the In-Lite outdoor spots into the soil or use a ground plate to mount them onto a hard surface.

Did you know:

We spend over half of our life in darkness and outdoor lighting can add security, practicality and ambience to an otherwise unusable space. Come by our retail centre and let us guide you as you take back the night.

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Our Exterior Lighting Exclusive Partner:

Since the early 2000s, in-lite has helped pioneer 12 volt LED lighting in North America and Europe. in-lite is now a leader in providing safe and energy-efficient low voltage lighting.

Visit the in-lite website for product specifics